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9075781Confusing differences in how airlines measure luggage can create frustration for passengers checking in.

5786712The same luggage that fits in a United Airlines bag sizer might not fit in Delta’s sizer. The airlines both say carry-on bags should be 22 inches tall, 宽14英寸,深9英寸. 图片来源:carrick mollenkamp,《99皇冠手机版》

Tightening airline standards are forcing travelers to buy new luggage, 但这些数字可能会产生误导.  I’ve traveled for many years with a Travelpro 22-inch rollaboard bag. When one finally wore out, I replaced it with the same 22-inch rollaboard bag. Travelpro markets it as compliant with airline size limits, 大多数规定将袋子的长度限制在22英寸以内. 这个包很容易滑进任何头顶的行李架.  

But when British Airways had a sizing box at a gate for a recent flight and made all passengers put their bag in the box, 我的不合适,必须检查一下. 那次航班上的许多行李也遭遇了同样的命运.

A few weeks later on an American Airlines flight leaving Phoenix, the same thing: Gate agents were telling passengers to put their carry-ons in the bag sizer as they headed for the plane. 许多典型的旅行包都装不下.

Travelpro and other luggage makers say the luggage industry practice in the U.S. is to size bags by the dimensions of the packing area without counting wheels and handles. 在一家行李店,布里格斯 & Riley 22-inch rollaboard stands 23 inches tall when you put a tape measure next to it. 一个22英寸的维氏手袋也是如此.

最近去梅西百货(Macy ' s)和Bag ' n Baggage购物时, salesmen claimed the bags fit airline sizers and complied with airline specifications.

“We physically test our carry-on bags in a sizer before releasing [the design] for production,斯科特·阿普尔比说, Travelpro的营销副总裁.  But the tape measure shows United’s sizer is actually larger than those of Delta, 美国和其他航空公司的限制是22英寸.

Last year when it began strictly enforcing carry-on size limits, 美联航决定增加一点宽容. 尺寸机的标签上标有22英寸的高度限制, 宽14英寸,深9英寸, but the box is actually built with an extra inch in all three dimensions, 美联航发言人Rahsaan Johnson说. American, Delta, British Airways and others have sizers at exactly 22 inches, not 23.

Travelpro的先生. Applebee说他不知道. “I will pass this on to our design team to have them check the measurements on our sizer and evaluate options,他说. 根据我们的研究, we chose United because they were the most rigorous in their enforcement of the sizing guidelines.”

Mr. Applebee notes that bag sizing is a moving target and enforcement varies by airline and flight. Travelpro, 他说, has received few complaints about bag sizes and doesn’t want its customers “to have to check their carry-on bag and pay the airline fees, 但我们也有义务给他们打包的空间.”

物, 高端线, 把袋子缩短到22英寸, 包括轮子和附件, 过去几年里,因为航空公司的限制, 一位女发言人表示.  新秀丽, 包括美国旅游公司吗, 哈特曼, 高塞拉等品牌, 说它, 太, 尺寸现在符合航空公司的规格.

Eagle Creek also includes wheels and handles in its sizing. Some bags have come out of manufacturing slightly larger than specs and drawn complaints because they didn’t fit airline size limits. When the company hears of such problems, they are fixed, an Eagle Creek spokeswoman says.

Bag sizing became a bigger issue when major airlines began charging to check bags in 2008, prompting passengers to carry on more stuff to avoid fees. As airlines have installed more seats into jets over the past few years, more passengers now compete for the same overhead bin space.

大的袋子, 更多的人, means many passengers at the end of the boarding line often can’t find overhead bin space and end up having bags checked at the gate. Since that’s time-consuming and can lead to departure delays, airlines have stepped up enforcement of bag sizes to cull large bags from taking overhead bin space. 满员航班, gate agents often have bag sizers and bag-tag printers nearby so they can quickly check if bags comply with size limits.

国际航空运输协会, 代表航空公司, proposed a world-wide standard for carry-on bags called Cabin OK earlier this year. The group said its standard would bring “common sense and order to the problem of differing sizes for carry-on bags.但这项倡议很快遭到了游客的抨击, 一些航空公司, because the dimensions of a Cabin OK bag were considerably smaller than the maximum allowed on many airlines.

Of course, new standards mean a chance to sell new luggage. Travelpro and other manufacturers say they had bags in development to meet the Cabin OK standard before IATA put the move on hold.

Airlines continue to tinker with allowable bag sizes, which have shrunk over the years. 有效的星期二, British Airways slashed the size allowed for “personal items”—a second carry-on bag such as a purse, 背包或电脑包. Most airlines allow passengers to bring one carry-on and one personal item onboard.

British Airways had allowed a personal item up to 18 by 14 by 8 inches. 新标准在立方空间中降低了43%, 到16乘12乘6英寸, 一个大尺寸的钱包或手提袋. 托运行李的尺寸限制也有所降低. Most airlines now limit the weight of each checked bag to 50 pounds. But a few, including discounters Spirit and Allegiant, cap weight at 40 pounds per bag. Bags heavier than that get hit with overweight baggage fees.

I have two huge bags once used for family trips that are now obsolete. 我的家人自豪地称它们为“滚动棺材”.“是时候把它们送出去了. 那我的随身行李呢? I decided the uncertainty of having to occasionally check the bag at the gate wasn’t worth the risk.

Having the bag taken away from you suddenly can spell trouble if you have valuables or medications inside, 或者没有马上送到. And my wife points out that waiting at the baggage carousel makes me grumpy. So I bought a 22-inch Eagle Creek rollaboard that measures 22 inches and fits most airline sizers. 它的包装空间更小,但却是合法的.

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